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Running Analysis

The goal of our running analysis program is to improve form, increase efficiency, and reduce risk of injury. The program is appropriate for anyone who wants to improve their running ability, including the experienced runner who may be training for their next race, new runners who want to safely begin running for exercise, or those who have experienced injury, and would like to return to running without re-injury.

Our program includes a readiness assessment that incorporates a functional movement screen, foot assessment, stability tests, and running gait analysis using video capture. You can expect your assessment to take about 90 minutes. Based on the findings of your analysis, we will design a corrective program that includes exercises to address any physical impairments that may lead to injury, as well as cues to improve running form. 4-6 weeks after the initial analysis, you will return for a short follow up with your physical therapist to reassess your goals and discuss progress.

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